Pixel Press Floors Lets You Build Your Own Video Game Levels

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A year ago today, Bryan Chaffin wrote about Pixel Press, a Kickstarter project that allows you to draw your own video game. Now it’s finally available! Pixel Press Floors is a fantastic iPad app that is currently free and can be used to create levels of a platform-style game just by drawing them. You don't draw? It don't matter! You only need to manage to draw symbols like X and +, and the app translates, filling in spikes and moving platforms and coins among other things). You can draw on paper, or you can draw within the app itself to make these levels come to life, then you can play those levels or share them with others. For lots of kids (like, oh, let's just say me) who played platformers growing up and when they weren't playing games, were drawing what their dream games would be, this is an awesome opportunity to realize a dream. For today's kids, there's a great opportunity to learn about game mechanics and testing and iteration. Check out the app in action in the video below.

{video} http://i.vimeocdn.com/video/472847532_200x150.jpg?r=pad {/video}

Check It Out: Pixel Press Floors Lets You Build Your Own Video Game Levels

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John Dingler, artist

Hello Kelley,
I am very tempted to download the development kit to make, in my case, a game where my Ten Prosecuted Whistleblowers are the good guys and O’Bummer, Cheney, and Bush are the bad guys for prosecuting them.

See the images that I will use for the moving objects here:

< http://www.johndinglerart.com/ >

I just wonder if my complex shapes will not bog down the processor.

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