Simon Pierro, Peanuts, a Chimp, and iPad Magic (Video)

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Simon Pierro has a new iPad magic video involving peanuts and a chimp. Mr. Pierro has been doing magic shows using iPads as props for some time, but there's something about the simple curiosity of the chimp that is compelling in a whole new way. And then...well...the end. Enjoy!

Check It Out: Simon Pierro, Peanuts, a Chimp, and iPad Magic (Video)

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That is a disappointing video. (Clever magic aside)

Playing on the perceptions of a human (old enough to understand) is one thing but dong it to a non human primate is wrong.

(climbs down off soap box)


He is bloody brilliant.


Bryan:  Thx for this - awesome!

Kurt Ramey

Monkey?  Nope.  chimpanzee.  I believe Monkeys have tails.

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