Steve Wozniak Talks Video Games (and Fun-with-Lasers)

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Gaming site GameInformer has posted a raw 45 minute video interview with Apple cofounder Steve "The Woz" Wozniak. It's pretty entertaining, with The Woz telling us about his history with gaming, including some comments about making Breakout for Steve Jobs (for Atari). That's some pre-Apple lore for you that you'll find very interesting if you don't already know the tale. At the beginning of the video, The Woz—an infamous prankster—also talks about some of the pranks he has played with lasers in the early days of handheld consumer lasers. Fun stuff.


Check It Out: Steve Wozniak Talks Video Games (and Fun-with-Lasers)

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What is it about Apple and eating disorders? Steve and Tim, and Steve and Jon. Wrinkle skeletons to bloat mannequins.

Actually, I find it difficult to take this man seriously anymore. It’s a matter of thinking before one opens the mouth; how much can I shove in & how much should I let out (without messing up). Steve has difficulties with both the ins and the outs.

Either way, left overs Steve needs to work on his eloquence.  He peeves a few people off.

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