Stunning ‘Wolfram Language’ Has Knowledge of the World Built-in

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Wolfram Language is a knowledge-based computer language that's been in development by Stephen Wolfram for about 30 years. "It's a language where a vast amount of knowledge about how to do computations and about the world is built right into the language," according to Mr. Wolfram who formally announced the language last year.

That's all fairly abstract, but the working result is magnificent and needs to be seen to be appreciated. In this stunning YouTube tour of Wolfram Language, Mr. Wolfram illustrates the power of his creation. It has to be seen to be believed. How people in the future will use this new kind of computer language for research and analysis can only be guessed at right now.


Check It Out: Stunning ‘Wolfram Language’ Has Knowledge of the World Built-in

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I’m indeed stunned, John! Thank you very much.


Well - there appears to be a tad bit of an overstatement going on here. 

It would be so nice if “WOLFRAM LANGUAGE” was a LANFUAGE - but, by all reasonable definition and convention, it is an APPLICATION with hooks into various databases and an API to be able to pipe results from one place to another. 

Nice try, though, it makes for a cool demo - the presenter is quite credible - the prospects of usage are exciting - it represents a huge amount of good work.  Only one thing, it is NOT a ‘language’.  To call it a ‘language’ is to misuse the word ‘language’.


Wow. Just Wow!


It reminds me a lot of Bill Atkinson’s HyperCard language (I guess his “HyperText” could fairly be called a programming language),


OOPS! - sorry. That should have been “HyperTalk”, not “HyperText”.


My mind is now officially blown.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Well, I just don’t get why he ignores the “ram” part of his name in his personal logo. Rams are cool.

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