The IN1 iPhone Case Holds 9 Tools

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Yeah, you're iPhone's super awesome, and all that, but does it have a built-in screw driver? How about scissors? A pen? The folks at IN1 Case are here to change that with their self-titled debut product, the IN1 Case. This thing holds nine different tools right in its casing, including a tooth pick, scissors, tweezers, a nail file, a phillips screw driver, a slotted (flat-head) screw driver, a red pen and a blue pen. If that isn't enough, it also has a built-in stand. Cool, right? It's even TSA compliant! It comes in black, white, or a clear model, and you can see all the features in the video below.  It's $44.95, and it's available now. Thanks to Geoduck for the heads up.


Check It Out: The IN1 iPhone Case Holds 9 Tools

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Bryan Chaffin

Good question! It’s TSA compliant, according to the company. I added a note in the story.  Thanks, Intruder. smile

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