The Loop Hits Apple’s Newsstand

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Apple-and-sundry news site The Loop is expanding beyond your Web browser into a digital magazine available through Apple's Newsstand for the iPhone and iPad. The Loop Magazine expands on what's available through the website with longer form articles and will include content that's unique just to the magazine. Jim Dalrymple, the man behind The Loop and life support system for The Beard, said The Loop Magazine will publish twice a month and cost US$1.99 a month. You can check it out for free for seven days, so head on over to Newsstand and download a copy.


Check It Out: The Loop Hits Apple’s Newsstand

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How is The Loop better than TMO?

Jeff Gamet

Not better, just different. The crew at The Loop is great, and we’re hoping their Newsstand magazine is a big success.

John Dingler, artist

I wish The Loop and Jim Dalrymple no ill will, but it’s likely that the dog won’t hunt, the shoe will not fit, the airplane has no thrust, all hat no cattle, in other words, it’s likely to turn into either a vanity project or a personal, creative endeavor, with lots of satisfaction but little market devotion.

But, you know, “only time will tell,” “the future is not yet set,” “we’ll see,” “only the oracle knows, “it’s all in the stars,” and “the fates have not yet spoken.”

Dean Lewis

If I’ve read correctly, Marco Arment’s “The Magazine” has proved profitable ( ).  If The Loop Magazine can do the same, more power to it. In fact, I’d like to see smaller curated content become profitable and provide an alternative to the big magazines and newspapers which can’t seem to figure it all out. Like ‘zines of the 80s and 90s, these are very specialize publications, so to see Arment’s making as much as it does is heartening ($35,000 per month after Apple’s cut).

John F. Braun

I wish my facial hair had a Twitter account like Jim

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