The Smallest Movie Ever: Made with Atoms

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How small can a movie be? If you take time out of the mix and go for actual size, that would be atoms, which is exactly where IBM went. Engineers at Big Blue went down to the atomic scale and produced a stop motion animation called "A Boy and His Atom" comprised solely of atoms. The painstaking process resulted in a minute and a half long movie, and while it won't win an academy award, it's still amazingly cool. IBM also put together a 5 minute behind the scenes video showing how "A Boy and His Atom" was made that's worth watching, too.


Check It Out: The Smallest Movie Ever: Made with Atoms

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Ernie Varitimos

The was the coolest lame video I’ve ever seen!


SO now Apple has to start offering sub-atomic screens to keep up. smile


Is this what my penis is made of and how many of those dots can I fit in my ass hole.



This is truly amazing, given how far we’ve come in so short a time with atomic imaging. What this represents both in capacity for information handling and storage, as well as art, I’d nominate Big Blue for an Academy Award, perhaps even the Nobel Prize in physics if their current efforts pan out.

Great find!

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