Total POM: Never Misplace Your Kids or Pets Again

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ECO Pact wants to make sure you don't have to go hunting for your family, pets, or belongings again, so the company has launched a Kickstarter for their Total POM personal tracker. Total POM lets you track locations through Bluetooth proximity, cellular signals and GPS, so it doesn't matter how near or far away the fob is. You can attach it to  a pet's collar, wear it on your wrist, pop it in your pocket, or leave it in your computer bag and the device dutifully broadcasts its location for a year before you'll need to replace the battery, saving you from buying a new one. Total POM will come with a free year of tracking, and US$19.99 a year after that. ECO Pact's Kickstarter just started and the company is hoping to raise $75,000 to start production.


Check It Out: Total POM: Never Misplace Your Kids or Pets Again

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Ambivalence on this

Tracking your kids: creepy
Tracking your pet: useful
Tracking you: creepy
Tracking where your bag goes after it’s stolen: useful
Tracking your Alzheimer’s beset parent: useful and a bit creepy.

Lee Dronick

This week in the San Diego area we had a 65 year old man who was suffering from Alzheimer’s wander off from home. There was big search effort, but a few days later he was found dead from exposure. Something like this would help in such situations.

Tim James

From what I read, this device has a 50-150 foot search radius.  That’s great for finding your car in a parking lot when you have a general idea of where it is, or for finding car keys in your apartment.

But for finding people and animals?  My dogs can outrun me and be more than 150 feet away in seconds.

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