Twitter CEO Rejects Eliminating 140 Character Limit on Tweets

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey rejected the idea of eliminating the 140 character limit on Tweets. The company lifted that limit to 10,000 characters on direct messages in 2015, and Mr. Dorsey suggested at that time that he was considering lifting it on tweets, as well. On Friday, however, Mr. Dorsey said during an interview on NBC's Today, "Absolutely not. Twitter has always been about controls. People can follow who they want, and it’s our job to make sure they see the most important things." Twitter turns 10 years old on Monday, March 21st. [Via Variety]

Check It Out: Twitter CEO Rejects Eliminating 140 Character Limit on Tweets

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Welp… that cinches it.

Once the Real Time WWII feed runs it’s course in about a year I’ll drop my account. I’ve hooked up with a few feeds over the last few years but never found anything of use, or that I couldn’t find from other sources that were more complete. The 140 character limit does not let me “see the most important things.” It really means that Twitter is full of trite, meaningless statements, and links to better sources that really explain what is going on. What I’ve received over the last few years with Twitter might best be summed up as shallow and vacuous.

Actually I may not even wait until Real Time WWII finishes.

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