VLC for iOS to Return to App Store with Dropbox Sync, WiFi Uploads, More

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VLC will return to the App Store for iPhone and iPad Thursday at 11:00 PM EDT. VLC is a video player known for supporting just about every format on the planet. It was released for iPad in 2010, but pulled only a few months later due to conflicts with its GPL license. The app has been rewritten from the ground up with a new engine, a new open source license, and several new features, including WiFi uploads, support for DropBox, Web downloads to your iOS device, support for the same network streams supported in the desktop version, third-party app sharing, and video effects filters. Reported by MacRumors, the app is already showing up in some App Stores, and is scheduled to be available in the U.S. App Store tonight. VLC is free.


Check It Out: VLC for iOS to Return to App Store with Dropbox Sync, WiFi Uploads, More

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“The app has ben rewritten”
Gentle Ben rewritten?

Bryan Chaffin

No, that’s Gentle Ben’s cousin, Badly Ben Rewritten. wink

Typo fixed. Thanks for catching it! :D


The ones that are free, are VLC Streamer, VLC Remote, Remote Control for VLC, and VLC Amigo. Those are just the ones with the familiar ‘Safety Cones’ icon. There are plenty of others with different icons.

You didn’t actually say what the name of it was, so what is the complete, proper name for the app you are writing about?


BTW, your links to the iTunes App Store did not help at all.

Bryan Chaffin

The links are currently working for me, iJack. There was a staggered rollout around the world, and the link I provided was U.S. only. Hopefully it shows up for you soon. smile

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