What’s New in Mavericks? Apple Shows Us in 10 Slides

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Apple has posted a nice 10-slide presentation on the new features in Mavericks called What's New in OS X Mavericks. Whether you've already downloaded it or are just thinking about it, it's a vey good, though broad, overview of the newest version of OS X. It covers, iBooks, Maps, Calendar, Safari, Tags, multiple displays, iCloud Keychain, Notifications, Finder Tabs, and then a wrap up page. Each slide offers basic information on the feature with some animated images that demonstrate what's being described. You may also want to check out John Martellaro's piece, 5 Mavericks Must Have Features.


Check It Out: What’s New in Mavericks? Apple Shows Us in 10 Slides

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I don’t care about a single one of the 10.
Maps - huh? Why would I care about maps on my desktop?
Finder? No. Pathfinder for me.
Keychain? No. 1Password for me.
BusyCal for me.
Firefox for me. I never use Safari.

I was excited about a new version of iWork so I could stop using MS Office. That is now not going to happen. Want more power/features; not fewer.


The #1 feature that absolutely convinced me to ditch my 2006 Mac Pro running 10.6 for a (newer) 2009 Mac Pro JUST to upgrade is vastly superior multiple monitor support. There are plenty of other enticing features too… when the time comes that I finally invest in a smart phone (which will of course be an iPhone), the new maps/calendar/phone integration will be like stepping into a whole new world for me. And hey… a lot of us have been predicting Finder tabs for years! smile


One feature I’ve noticed on my MacBook Pro (Late ‘08) is in the Battery Menu Item, it shows the Apps that are power hungry.

And I like the Maps App. It’s much faster (to me) than the Google Maps App.


Another ‘feature’ is the size of the SleepImage file. It’s about half the size it was in 10.8

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