Wired Posts New Photos of Apple’s Spaceship HQ

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Wired has published a couple of dozen new (to the public) renderings of Apple's so-called Spaceship HQ, or Campus 2.0. The magazine went cawling through the bowels of the City of Cupertino's website, and came up with all these new images of what this fabulous building will look like. In the example I included, for instance, we see, 1.) the bridge of an actual spaceship; 2.) a scene from a SciFi thriller set in the year 2139; or, 3.) a planned lobby in Apple's building. Your pick, but any way you look at it, it's cool. There are also new shots of the outside, lots of renderings with people and cars inserted into them for scale and placement, many shots of the outdoor parks and other landscaping through the complex, parking, and much more. It's worth your time.


Check It Out: Wired Posts New Photos of Apple’s Spaceship HQ

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If the interior in the image above is all enclosed by glass, now’s the time to invest in Windex, and ladder futures. wink

Bryan Chaffin

Maybe that’s what Apple wants all that sapphire for….windows for the spaceship.


Grinch, here.  I remain unimpressed with this design. With a few detail exceptions, it is a building from the 1970s-80s not a truly modern building. Apple is the perfect client to go with something special, but instead they chose something quite banal.

This is what modern architecture looks like in the 21st.Century.

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