Woojer Kickstarter Project Lets You Feel the Sound

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Woojer has launched a self-titled product that it says will let you "feel the sound." Woojer is a device that sits between your mobile device and your headphones and lies against your body (pictured below with "chest magnet"). It then turns the audio signal into vibrations you feel to augment the vibrations you hear (i.e. the sound itself). The idea is to let you feel the blast of a cannon in a game or the bass in a song. Woojer said the idea is based on Perceptual Inference. "The brain knows what it’s like to feel the low frequencies from speakers. When given a similar tactile input to strategic points on the body, the brain subconsciously interprets the experience as a full body sensation." Pretty cool! Check out the video, which is silly in an entertaining way. Funding options that will get you a Woojer currently start at US$59.


Check It Out: Woojer Kickstarter Project Lets You Feel the Sound

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