WoW Lens Interchangeable Lenses & Case for iPhone

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Adding lenses to your iPhone for for photo effects isn't a new idea, but building them into a case so they're always available just might be. AppBanc is hoping to raise the funds for just such a case on Kickstarter, and they say it "rivals the performance of a 200mm camera." It includes macro, wide angle, cameo, and polarized lenses you switch out with the flick of a finger, and the company's own eZoom app that offers what they call lossless digital zooming. They're working towards a US$50,000 goal, and pledges start at just $1.


Check It Out: WoW Lens Interchangeable Lenses & Case for iPhone

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Eolake Stobblehouse

Wow, I’ve been an avid photographer for 30 years, and I have never heard of the term “a 200-mm camera”. That must be really advanced!

(Seriously, I’m confused, are they referring the focal length of the lens, or the physical size of the camera, or… ?)

Eolake Stobblehouse

BTW, also: lossless digital zoom? Really? That would be a scientific quantum leap.


Hey, guys, what’s a cameo lens?

Eolake Stobblehouse

I wondered about that too. Another term I’ve never heard. It seems to be a simulated toy camera lens.


Not the first, but possibly the most elegant ...


It looks like a cool idea.  I spent too much time, though, trying to figure out the connection to World of Warcraft.

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