Woz, Kottke, Hertzfeld Share Anecdotes and Critique the ‘Jobs’ Movie

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Three of the real people portrayed in the Jobs movie – Daniel Kottke, Andy Hertzfeld and Steve Wozniak – weigh in on the movie and tell John Vink of "John Wants Answers," what the movie got right and what it got wrong as well as sharing some great anecdotes about their time with Steve Jobs. One interesting example happens in the first few minutes of the discussion when Woz and Kottke reveal that Steve Jobs not only negotiated with the Dean of Reed College to stay there without being a student, but he asked for – and got! – his tuition money back. A few weeks later he then asked the Dean if he could stay in some of the unused dorms.  It's a fascinating discussion.


Check It Out: Woz, Kottke, Hertzfeld Share Anecdotes and Critique the ‘Jobs’ Movie

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This discussion should be included as a “Special Feature” for the Jobs movie blu-ray/DVD release.

As someone who has always been fascinated with Apple history, I found nearly every scene in the Jobs movie cringe-worthy, filled with fictional events, and forced scenes to try and fit in as many events as possible. The characters, other than Jobs himself, were all portrayed very poorly. I understand the need for a bit of creative license and filler scenes and dialog, but there is no excuse for blatantly getting the facts wrong.

It’s great to see three prominent early Apple employees come together to discuss the the early days and talk about the movie. Very compelling and a must watch for Apple history buffs.

On a side-note, I’d love to see “Revolution in the Valley” turned into a movie… a TV movie along the lines of “Pirates of Silicon Valley” would be just fine.

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