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  1. Jun. 27th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-27: AAPL, Brexit, Google Blocks

    Apple's stock isn't a high as it used to be and understanding why can be a little daunting. Bryan Chaffin joins Jeff Gamet to look at Wall Street's dysfunctional relationship with Apple and the Brexit impact on the stock market. They also check out Google's new Blocks programming platform for kids.

  2. Jun. 24th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-24: Goodbye Thunderbolt Display, Spinning off the Mac

    It's official: Apple is killing off the Thunderbolt Display. Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to share their thoughts on what this means for Apple in the display market, plus they have something to say about John C. Dvorak's claim that it's time for Apple to spin off the Mac into its own company.

  3. Jun. 23rd, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-22: Listeners Comment on Concert iPhone Bans, APFS

    It's listener comment day on TDO. Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to respond to your thoughts on Alicia Keys locking up attendee's smartphones at her concerts, and on Apple's new APFS file system for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

  4. Jun. 22nd, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-22: Taking a Closer look at APFS

    John Martellaro has been busy learning all about APFS, and he has plenty to share. John, along with Kelly Guimont, join Jeff Gamet to take a closer look at Apple's new file system for the Mac, iOS, Apple Watch, and tvOS.

  5. Jun. 21st, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-21: Forcing Phone-free Concerts, Russia’s Anti-encryption Bill

    Going to an Alicia Keys concert will get your iPhone locked away, but not by the police. Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to share their thoughts on concert goers being forced to drop their smartphones in locked bags as a condition to see the show. They also take a look at Russia's bill calling for backdoors into encrypted chat apps.

  6. Jun. 20th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-20: Apple Power Plans, what’s Coming for Passcodes

    Apple wants to be an electric company, but that doesn't mean we'll be buying iElectricity soon. John Martellaro and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to talk about Apple's plans for the surplus electricity it generates through its renewable energy efforts, plus they share their thoughts on Apple's plans for biometric passcodes and protecting our privacy.

  7. Jun. 17th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-17: Apple Pay Fears, No iMessage for Android

    Mobile payment platforms aren't taking off because consumers don't trust them. Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to discuss a Pew study looking at who uses mobile payment systems like Apple Pay, and they also dive into Apple's reasoning for not bringing iMessage to Google's Android platform.

  8. Jun. 16th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-16: Apple’s Big macOS Security Push

    Security is big in macOS Sierra, and it's going to have an impact on developers as well as end users. John Martellaro joins Jeff Gamet to talk about changes we'll see in Gate Keeper, signed apps, encryption, Safari, and more.

  9. Jun. 15th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-15: Deleting Stock iOS 10 Apps, Net Neutrality’s Win

    iOS 10 will let you delete pre-installed apps like Weather, Stocks, and Mail, but that may not be quite as awesome as it sounds. Adam Christianson from the Maccast, John Martellaro, and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to look at what really happens when you delete the pre-installed apps from your iPhone or iPad, plus they share their thoughts on the US Court of Appeals upholding the FCC's Net Neutrality rules. Bonus: Jeff hears phantom audio. Aliens? NSA?

  10. Jun. 14th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-14: The Mac’s New File System, watchOS 3

    One big announcement that didn't make Monday's Worldwide Developer Conference keynote event was a new file system for macOS. Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to explain APFS and why it matters to Mac users, plus Bryan talks about why he thinks watchOS 3 could move him from like to love for his Apple Watch.