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Kodak 5500 All-in-One Printer

3:00 PM, Jan. 30th, 2008 · · Just a Peek

Kodak claims its 5500 All-in-one printer offers great quality at a lower cost than other printers. Vern Seward put the 5500 through its paces and lets us know if it holds up to the hype.

Vern’s Gadget Gift Giving (And Getting) Guide

3:00 PM, Dec. 17th, 2007 · · Just a Peek

Every year I've tried to put together a list of cool tools that the gadget lover in your life would be fall-down happy to get. This year I'm going to list ten items that vary widely in price, but all of them would please anyone from the deepest geeks to the rawest technophobes. Get ready to be thanked -- a lot -- because these are some of the absolute coolest gadgets around.

Jawbone Noise Canceling Headset

5:00 PM, Jun. 27th, 2007 · · Just a Peek

If you shield your eyes from iPhone for a moment you might see products being placed into orbit around it. Cases and clips to protect your investment are some of the first peripherals to appear, but one iPhone accessory deserves a bit of limelight all on its own: the Jawbone Bluetooth headset from Aliph.

Nintendo DS Lite

5:00 PM, May. 9th, 2007 · · Just a Peek

I got ahold of a Nintendo DS Lite and the extremely popular game, Brain Age, and I've been a happy camper ever since. Why? Because it is my considered opinion that if Apple were to make a hand held game system that cost about $100 it would look and work a lot like the DS Lite, and that's high praise.

Mariner Write

5:00 PM, Apr. 23rd, 2007 · · Just a Peek

Word processors from Microsoft and Corel are huge applications loaded, some would even say overloaded, with features that you seldom use, even in an office environment. While Mariner Write can't compare to Word, for instance, feature for feature, it is amply endowed with almost enough options to suit almost anyone's writing needs.


3:00 PM, Mar. 4th, 2007 · · Just a Peek

Live desktop sharing is slated to appear on the Mac with the release of the next version of OS X, code name: Leopard, and even then there may be no compatibility with Microsoft's NetMeeting or Communicator, Big Redmond's new collaboration application. Glance overcomes those obstacles, and you don't have wait for Leopard before trying it out.

You Control: Desktops

3:00 PM, Feb. 21st, 2007 · · Just a Peek

Small display or large, it seems you never have enough Desktop real estate for all of your applications. You Control: Desktops lets you create any number of desktops, and you can learn to manage them quickly and easily.

Open Source Meteorologist Gets Patched

3:00 PM, Jan. 24th, 2007 · · Just a Peek

I like weather. So it would stand to reason that I would have a weather application on my Mac. Many OS X users rely on a weather widget of some type to keep them informed on what's going on outside (or they just stick their heads out the front door), but not me. I use the Open Source app, Meteorologist (Meteo).