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Lexar Echo MX Backup Drive is a Full-Featured Gadget

12:20 PM, Dec. 5th, 2011 · · Monday’s Mac Gadget

Lexar’s Echo MX Backup Drive is a full-featured USB thumb drive for your Mac or PC, and it offers faster data speeds than many other offerings. John F. Braun put the Echo MX Backup Drive through its paces in today’s Monday Mac Gadget.

Browse Files on Your iDevice with iPhone Explorer

12:26 PM, Aug. 1st, 2011 · · Monday’s Mac Gadget

Just because you can’t easily see files and folders on your iPhone doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to find and view the contents. John F. Braun checks out iPhone Explorer, a utility that allows you to browse files on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch without requiring hacks or command line skills.

Monitor AirPort Bandwidth with SNMP Status

11:25 AM, May. 31st, 2011 · · Monday’s Mac Gadget

Keeping track of how much network bandwidth individual Macs are using on your network is a fairly simple task, but keeping tabs on every computer on your network takes a little more effort. That’s why TMO’s John F. Braun decided to take a look at SNMP Status, a tool that lets you monitor both current and cumulative network usage.

Diagnose a Sick Battery with Battery Health Monitor

12:17 PM, Apr. 25th, 2011 · · Monday’s Mac Gadget

Portable Macs rely on their built-in battery for power when electrical outlets aren’t available, but Apple’s own monitoring tools don’t offer much detail about their health. John F. Braun examines Battery Health Monitor, a tool to give you the big picture when it comes to your battery, or help diagnose a battery you think is sick.

Monitor More on Your Mac with atMonitor

12:05 PM, Mar. 28th, 2011 · · Monday’s Mac Gadget

John F. Braun is always on the hunt for applications, utilities and gadgets that make your tech life easier to manage. This time he checks out atMonitor, a monitoring utility that will tell you everything that’s happening on your Mac.

Find Out Who’s Messing with Your Drive with fseventer

11:42 AM, Feb. 21st, 2011 · · Monday’s Mac Gadget

Keeping track of what’s really happening on your Mac’s hard drive can be a daunting task. Apple’s own utilities can help some, but there’s still more to see, so The Mac Observer’s John F. Braun checks out fseventer: a utility that shows who is messing with your drive.

Anonymize Your Internet Connections with Anonym

12:10 PM, Jan. 3rd, 2011 · · Monday’s Mac Gadget


Tracking your Web surfing habits is an easy task, and in some cases you many not even realize it’s happening. For those of you that want to keep  your Web activity to yourself, John F. Braun explores Anonym, a tool to help anonymize your Internet connections.