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Want Your Mac to Sleep Smart?  Better Get SmartSleep!

1:50 PM, Dec. 8th, 2008 · · Monday’s Mac Gadget



The most recent batch of portable Macs introduced a new feature called hibernate, a mode that saves the contents of RAM to your hard drive. If you totally lose power, you'll be able to restore the state of your machine by reading the contents of RAM from your hard drive. Today's Monday's Mac Gadget looks at SmartSleep, a utility that lets you fine-tune this behavior to your liking.


Need to Free Some Disk Space?  Check out Xslimmer!

5:00 PM, Sep. 7th, 2008 · · Monday’s Mac Gadget

When Apple moved from PowerPC to Intel, many were concerned about how their existing PowerPC applications would run on the Intel processor. Fortunately, there are two compatability paths. One is to run an existing PowerPC application under Rosetta, which translates PowerPC code to Intel. The other option to use a Universal Binary, a Mac application that contains both PowerPC and Intel code. But do you really want to waste disk space by storing code for a processor you don't have? Enter Xslimmer.