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Redline Revisited

9:37 AM, Mar. 4th, 2009 · · Oh the Games You’ll Play


There's always something new around the corner in the world of videogames, so many of us wring all we can out of a title before moving on to the next one. When I recently revisited Ambrosia Software's Redline, however, I found not only a thriving community of modders but also plenty of people who still race online. A pair of unique multiplayer variants, Bad Love and Smugglers, continue to be popular.

A Deeper Look at the Worlds vs. NCsoft Lawsuit

9:30 AM, Jan. 20th, 2009 · · Oh the Games You’ll Play


There's an old curse, purported to be Chinese in origin: "May you live in interesting times." For senior executives at MMORPG developer NCsoft, it was an interesting holiday season indeed: As the company was preparing to release the Mac version of its MMO City of Heroes, it was slapped with a lawsuit by Unfortunately, trying to get to the bottom of the lawsuit's merits is much like trying to figure out the true origins of that curse, but M. Scott Boone, associate professor of law at Appalachian School of Law, helped me sort it out.

Oh the Games You’ll Play: What’s the 2009 Tide Line?

9:30 AM, Dec. 23rd, 2008 · · Oh the Games You’ll Play


Conventional wisdom says that a recession doesn't hurt the entertainment world as hard as other sectors, but recent events have confirmed that the steep drop in consumer spending has finally caught up with the videogame industry. So what does that bode for 2009 when it comes to Mac, iPod and iPhone gaming?

Oh the Games You’ll Play: Ambrosia: The Little Publisher That Could

11:25 AM, Dec. 16th, 2008 · · Oh the Games You’ll Play


When Ambrosia Software released Aquaria last month, it marked the publisher's 36th entertainment release, including iPhone versions of existing games and titles that were updated to run in Mac OS X. Join us for a look at the company's history, its future, and "el Presidente" Andrew Welch's thoughts on Mac and iPhone game development.

Oh the Games You’ll Play: Cider, GameTree Could Point the Way For Mac Gaming

12:15 PM, Dec. 5th, 2008 · · Oh the Games You’ll Play


Gaming on the Mac remains moribund, with some prolific publishers scaling back their efforts to concentrate more on console and Windows games, but TransGaming has seen success with its Cider portability engine, which has enabled several game releases in recent months. Earlier this year, TransGaming launched GameTree Online, a digital delivery service that could also help spark growth in the Mac gaming market.

Other MMOs Doing Just Fine, Thanks

3:00 PM, Nov. 13th, 2008 · · Oh the Games You’ll Play

eveonline Despite the juggernaut that it is World of Warcraft, other MMOs continue to do well, including this week's subject, CCP Games' EVE Online, which also saw an expansion pack released this week.

Blizzard Talks Wrath of the Lich King

3:00 PM, Nov. 6th, 2008 · · Oh the Games You’ll Play

lichking Blizzard is shipping their second World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, next week, so I took some time to speak with production director J. Allen Brack about a game whose worldwide pool of subscribers is now over 11 million, which is on par with the population of Ohio.