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Apple Can Eat Your Privacy and Still Have Good AI, Too

9:00 AM, Jun. 1st, 2016 · · The Devil’s Advocate

Apple Artificial Intelligence

Apple can totally snoop on all it's users and still maintain everyone's privacy. If you listen to the pundits, this is not possible. But, that's wrong. It's a false dichotomy. You can have a know-more-about-you-than-your-mom-does AI agent and preserve your privacy; it is totally doable. John Kheit explains.

Apple Can’t Keep a Secret

3:58 PM, May. 25th, 2016 · · The Devil’s Advocate


John Kheit thinks Apple has lost its ability to keep a secret, and that this is hurting the company. He thinks it's time for Apple to either put up—and surprise us—or shut up about its supposed "culture of secrecy."

Mr. Cook, Tear Down That App

1:14 PM, May. 9th, 2016 · · The Devil’s Advocate

Crude Mock-up

iTunes is a disaster. It’s been so overloaded that it's now become the flamebearer for bloat. Minor deck chair reshuffling will not be enough to make things right. iTunes needs to be broken up into about 6 separate applications to simplify it, reduce bloat, make it more manageable and make it approachable for mere mortals.

Apple’s Failure to Scale

8:00 AM, May. 3rd, 2016 · · The Devil’s Advocate

Steve Jobs at WWDC 1997

Apple's work force has quadrupled in the last few years, but John Kheit says we're seeing fewer product updates, rather than more. Nowhere is this more true than Apple's Mac product line, and John argues Apple needs the Mac—and Mac power users—because they're tastemakers that have an outsized impact on the way the rest of the world looks at Apple's other products.

Three Old Constitutional Arguments Apply Equally Well to Apple’s iPhone and the FBI

5:31 PM, Feb. 25th, 2016 · · The Devil’s Advocate

If you love the constitution, the right to privacy, and America, you should support Apple against the government's push to destroy your civil liberties. Three tried and true Constitutional arguments against eroding our civil liberties apply to this case just as they have to many other civil liberty struggles of the past. John Kheit explains.

The SoDoSoPaization of Silicon Valley

5:43 PM, Feb. 15th, 2016 · · The Devil’s Advocate

SoDoSoPa Screenshot

John Kheit thinks that Silicon Valley has allowed itself to become SoDoSoPaized. Nothing else can explain the unbearable, total non-thinking, incessant, goose-step mimicry of Apple, and he wants it to stop.

The ‘New’ Mac Pro Is a Failure

3:10 PM, Nov. 23rd, 2015 · · The Devil’s Advocate

Mac Pro Mess

John Kheit thinks Apple's "new" Mac Pro is a joke, and it's not just because calling a, once again, forgotten and near abandoned 2013 model 'new' in late 2015 is the kind of air-quote irony loved by techno hipsters. He thinks Apple screwed the pooch and needs to fix it.

Dave Peck at WWDC: Making VPN Fun and Easy (for a Change)

11:27 AM, Jun. 15th, 2013 · Dave Hamilton, Julie Kuehl, & John Martellaro · The Devil’s Advocate

Dave Peck, Peter Sagerson and Nick Robinson were all doing freelance work in Seattle. They would gather at one of the many coffee shops there, getting caffeinated and doing their work. Then one day, Dave Peck realized they were using all these open wireless networks, completely non-secure, and doing sensitive client work. Then they realized they needed one of those VPN clients. Except, they were all so bad.  The rest is history.

Tech Press Gets It Wrong on iPhone 4S

5:26 PM, Oct. 7th, 2011 · · The Devil’s Advocate

iPhone 4S

Much of the mainstream tech press was critical of the iPhone 4S when it was announced, and John Kheit argues that they got it wrong. From the physical properties to Siri, John believes that this device will be a huge success.