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Kevin Hoctor at WWDC: People Need a Great Money App; I Made One

2:59 PM, Jun. 17th, 2013 · Dave Hamilton, Julie Kuehl, John Martellaro · TMO Interview

WWDC interview with Kevin Hoctor

Kevin Hoctor was looking for a great money management tool for the Mac.  After experiencing the dreary life of being a Windows developer, he decided to learn Cocoa and Objective-C and discovered the joys of writing for the Mac.  His first major release was MoneyWell, and it went fabulously.  Now he's working on the iPad version. Mr. Hoctor has never looked back.

Dave Peck at WWDC: Making VPN Fun and Easy (for a Change)

11:27 AM, Jun. 15th, 2013 · Dave Hamilton, Julie Kuehl, & John Martellaro · TMO Interview

Dave Peck, Peter Sagerson and Nick Robinson were all doing freelance work in Seattle. They would gather at one of the many coffee shops there, getting caffeinated and doing their work. Then one day, Dave Peck realized they were using all these open wireless networks, completely non-secure, and doing sensitive client work. Then they realized they needed one of those VPN clients. Except, they were all so bad.  The rest is history.

Bruno Virlet at WWDC: Apple is Taking a Big Risk with iOS 7

2:45 PM, Jun. 14th, 2013 · Dave Hamilton, Julie Kuehl, John Martellaro · TMO Interview

Bruno Virlet started his first iOS app while in college at the University of Illinois. One idea led to another, and now his app, Genius Scan, is a big seller on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Mr. Virlet tells how it all started and how he's feeling about geting his app ready for iOS 7.

Brent Simmons at WWDC: Gruber & Wiskus are Trying to Kill Me!

11:40 AM, Jun. 14th, 2013 · & · TMO Interview

Brent Simmons started writing BASIC code on an Apple II+, and later started writing apps, profesionally for the Macintosh. He's famous for a lot of Mac apps that we've all used, and hs latest project, in partnership with John Gruber and Dave Wiskus is Vesper from Q Branch.  Mr. Simmons talked about his perspectives as a developer in this interview during WWDC.

WWDC: Tell me What YOUR Brilliant Idea is! Joe Pezzillo

3:00 PM, Jun. 13th, 2013 · & · TMO Interview

Joe Pezzillo interview at WWDC

Joe Pezzillo has had a varied career, developed several startups, worked for Apple, and even tried his hand at being a Bohemian poet.  At WWDC this week, Mr. Pezzillo told TMO's Dave Hamilton the most important thing he learned about being a successful entrepreneur as he built

WWDC: Peter Kelly Forsakes Android for Joys of iPad Coding

1:50 PM, Jun. 13th, 2013 · & · TMO Interview

Peter Kelly is a professor in Adelaide, Australia and teaches classes on computer operating systems. After writing his Ph.D. thesis with Lyx and LaTex, he thought it would be interesting to develop similar software for Android. That didn't work out so well.  UX Write for the iPad was the result. Dave Hamilton interviewed Dr. Kelly at WWDC this week and got the story.

An Apple Developer Explains How iCloud is Broken

1:25 PM, May. 29th, 2013 · · TMO Interview

Max Seelemann is an Apple developer and founder of The Soulmen, now famous for the Ulysses series of OS X apps for writers. In this interview, Mr. Seelemann explains how Apple's iCloud APIs, designed for simple use, often fail when developers have even modest file issues to deal with.

The State of the iPad in Education: a Giant Mess

12:15 PM, Sep. 19th, 2012 · · TMO Interview

Despite some success by Apple selling iPads into education markets, there are huge hurdles to a widespread use of tablets in education. Legacy practices by schools, publishers and teachers combined with a lack of clear vision by the tablet makers and publishers have led to, essentially, a giant mess. Navigating through it, to achieve better education will take a boatload of work. John Martellaro spoke with Christopher Dawson, a technology leader in this area, to find out what the real problems are.

The Open Alternative to Apple’s Mac App Store: Bodega

4:00 PM, Jul. 3rd, 2012 · · TMO Interview

Bodega App Store

We all know about Apple’s Mac App Store, built into Snow Leopard and Lion. But for apps to be in the MAS, they have to meet very strict requirements that can severely limit an app’s functionality. Long before the MAS, there was Bodega, open to any OS X app, and it continues to thrive. TMO  interviewed Bodega’s Director, Rob Piche, to find out more.

WWDC: Max Seelemann - If I’d Stayed in School, I’d Die

2:55 PM, Jun. 19th, 2012 · · TMO Interview

Max Seeleman & the Soulmen

A decade ago, Max Seeleman was a youngster in school when he launched the Ulysses writer’s tool and The Soulmen. In this WWDC interview, he tells TMO’s Dave Hamilton how the OS X app has evolved.  And how smart, technical changes led to the Daedalus editing app for the iPad and the new, rewritten Ulysses 3, coming soon.