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WWDC: Working for Apple Wasn’t Enough: Mike Bombich

5:20 PM, Jun. 18th, 2012 · · TMO Interview

Mike Bombich

At WWDC, TMO’s Dave Hamilton met with Mike Bombich, author of Carbon Copy Cloner for OS X. Mr. Bombich left Apple two years ago to pursue his passion for being a creator of something great. A short respite breathed new life into his work with his quintessential OS X copy and backup tool, CCC. This interview includes some intriguing, little known facts about CCC.

WWDC: Boosting Our Interaction with Music: Shazam

5:04 PM, Jun. 14th, 2012 · · TMO Interview

Jason Titus, Shazam

In this WWDC developer interview, TMO’s Dave Hamilton sat down with Jason Titus of Shazam. They chatted about the all the things being done with Shazam, how it’s helping customers better interact with music and the technology behind this fabulous iOS app that’s still at the top of the charts.

WWDC: The Evolution & Struggles of a Small Developer: Ecamm Network

3:30 PM, Jun. 14th, 2012 · · TMO Interview

Glen Aspeslagh

Once again this year, TMO’s Dave Hamilton is at WWDC in San Francisco interviewing Apple developers. In this interview, Mr. Hamilton sat down with Glen Aspeslagh, founder of Ecamm network. They chatted about how Ecamm Network came to be, how the products evolved, some interesting product surprises and some developer issues these days with Apple.

Paul Kent: Macworld Expo 2012 Will Be a Festival

5:38 PM, Aug. 5th, 2011 · · TMO Interview

Macworld 2012

Forget the traditional increasingly stodgy Macworld Expo. The 2012 Expo is going to be something entirely new and different. Call it a “celebration” or a “festival.” Whatever you call it, Macworld Expo 2012 will be an opportunity to get together and “facilitate the joy of being an Apple user,” according to Paul Kent, the man in charge of Macworld, and the subject of this interview with Ted Landau.

WWDC Developers Tell Their Stories

12:02 PM, Jun. 17th, 2011 · · TMO Interview

At WWDC last week, TMO interviewed six developers, some newbies and some old-timers, each with a unique story to tell. Here are some highlights of what each developer told TMO’s Dave Hamilton plus links to each interview.

Marco Arment & Instapaper’s Reading List

12:45 PM, Jun. 16th, 2011 · · TMO Interview

Like many popular apps, Instapaper started its life as a personal solution for Marco Arment. Then it took off as customers realized how great it is. Now, Instapaper faces the challenge of Lion’s Reading List. Mr. Arment sizes up the new competition with our Dave Hamilton during WWDC week.

TestFlight’s Robin Hood Developer

1:15 PM, Jun. 15th, 2011 · · TMO Interview

Ben Satterfield founded 23Divide in Los Angeles and started providing high level technical consulting to major media brands. Along the way, his company found the need to deliver apps to customers on the move, and the the legendary TestFlight was born. Here’s Mr. Satterfield’s story about how it all happened and his Robin Hood business model.

Andrew Stone: App Developer’s Obi Wan

11:45 AM, Jun. 14th, 2011 · · TMO Interview

Andrew Stone started developing software for the NeXT computers back in the 1990s, moved on to the Mac and has had the Apple fever ever since. Perhaps no one has more experience working as an independent developer in the Apple world, and he has terrific perspective to offer.  These days, he’s still writing great iOS software, like Twittelator, but he’s also mentoring younger developers. Andrew Stone has been a good friend for many years, so the interview at WWDC gets off to a fast start.

Serendipity Strikes Lithium & Tweed

4:04 PM, Jun. 10th, 2011 · · TMO Interview

James Wilson tells a fascinating story of how he started with a small band of übergeeks and networking services, founded LithiumCorp, developed client apps on Macs, created an experimental iOS app, Stickybeaks, and then finally created Tweed, a Twitter client that curates tweets that have URLs. It’s a tale of serendipity and synergy in the Apple world.