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Cord Cutters: Where to Watch X-Files 2016

10:33 AM, Jan. 25th, 2016 · · TMO Quick Tip

The new X-Files is available on iTunes and Fox Now

The X-Files returned to television Sunday night, and while Agents Mulder and Scully were hunting to see if the truth is still out there, cord cutters were staying away from Twitter to avoid spoilers. Luckily, there are legit ways to watch the new episodes assuming you're willing to wait a day.

iOS: Solving Network Connectivity Problems

9:10 AM, Jan. 22nd, 2016 · · TMO Quick Tip

Troubleshoot iPhone and iPad network connections

Today's tip is about what to do if your iPhone or iPad just won't join a Wi-Fi network that you know is working perfectly. Sometimes those pesky devices just need a virtual slap on the wrist, and Melissa Holt's going to give us the scoop on how to do just that.

OS X: Partitioning Drives (And Why You Might Want To!)

9:10 AM, Jan. 20th, 2016 · · TMO Quick Tip

How to partition Mac OS X hard drives

Today's Quick Tip is about partitioning disks with OS X, which is useful if you'd like to share data with a PC, clone to the same external drive as someone else, and so on. Melissa Holt's got the skinny on partitioning with the colorful, cheerful new Disk Utility interface in this article!

Beware Phishing Scam that Looks Like Real Apple Email

6:37 PM, Jan. 18th, 2016 · · TMO Quick Tip

Danger: Phishing Scam

We received the best looking phishing email we've seen in a long time, if not ever, and wanted to make folks aware of it. While it looks like it could be from Apple, including legitimate links to Apple's Support site and online forums, the link to "My Apple ID" is to a non-Apple URL.

iOS 9.3: How to Enable Night Shift Mode

3:58 PM, Jan. 15th, 2016 · · TMO Quick Tip

How to enable and use iOS 9.3's Night Shift mode

The iOS 9.3 public beta is out and it includes a cool new feature called Night Shift. No, it isn't an evening job; instead, it's an option to cut down on our iOS device's blue light cast at night to help reduce the impact screen viewing has on our circadian rhythm.

OS X: 5 Settings to Tweak for Newbies

9:20 AM, Jan. 13th, 2016 · · TMO Quick Tip

OS X settings to change for new Mac users

Ever set up a machine for someone else, especially someone new to the Mac or just new to recent versions of OS X? Well, after this Quick Tip, you'll be prepared to do just that. We'll go over some of the changes you could make to give your newbie an easier experience while he gets accustomed to how the Mac works.

OS X’s Hidden Bluetooth Debug Menu: Reset Devices and More

9:05 AM, Jan. 12th, 2016 · · TMO Quick Tip

How to use OS X's hidden Bluetooth debug menu to reset your devices

Having Bluetooth problems? We've got a fix for you. The Bluetooth icon in your menu bar is hiding a special option that'll help you with a whole mess of troubleshooting steps, including doing factory resets on your connected Apple devices either all at once or one at a time. Melissa Holt's gonna talk about that in today's Quick Tip.