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Lion Without the Finder

3:22 PM, Jun. 20th, 2011 · · Ted Landau’s User Friendly View

OS X Lion minus the Finder equals what, exactly?

Ted Landau believes Apple intends to “deprecate” the Finder in a future version of OS X. It is all part of Apple’s strategy to move OS X away from a traditional file-based view of our data and towards one that is more closely aligned with iOS (which, by the way, has no Finder). All the groundwork for doing this is already in place in Lion. Here’s how it would work…

MobileMe to iCloud: Lost in Translation

4:48 PM, Jun. 14th, 2011 · · Ted Landau’s User Friendly View


As explained by Steve Jobs in the WWDC Keynote earlier this month, iCloud has nine main features. What Steve didn’t explain was what would happen to the features, currently in MobileMe, that were not among iCloud’s new nine. From MobileMe’s web-based apps to web site hosting to iDisk and more — Ted Landau offers his view as to their fate.

Lion, iOS 5, iCloud: This Changes Everything

7:50 PM, Jun. 6th, 2011 · · Ted Landau’s User Friendly View


Apple was firing on all cylinders today. It revealed more details about Mac OS X Lion (coming in July) and introduced iOS 5 and iCloud (both due this fall, probably coinciding with the release of a new iPhone). It would be hard to over-hype the significance of these announcements. These are not just minor revisions to the rulebook. It’s more like “It’s time to throw out the old rulebook and start over.”

Angry Birds: How to Break into the Leaderboard Top 25

6:04 PM, Jun. 3rd, 2011 · · Ted Landau’s User Friendly View

Angry Birds Seasons Screen

Ted Landau is back with another look into the world of Angry Birds top scores. Last time, he offered advice on how to get three-star scores. This time, he “kicks it up a notch” — revealing how to get scores so high that they put you near the very top of the Game Center Leaderboard. Get your oxygen masks out; were going to where the air gets really thin.

Before There Were Apple Stores…

12:42 PM, May. 24th, 2011 · · Ted Landau’s User Friendly View

Last week was the tenth anniversary of the opening of the first bricks-and-mortar Apple Store. Numerous websites have posted columns reminiscing about those early days in Apple’s decade-old grand retail experiment  Pundits have weighed in with their theories as to why the stores have been so incredibly successful. What has not been mentioned much, if at all, is the disastrously awful experience consumers had to tolerate, back in the 1990’s, if they wanted to purchase a Mac at a retail store…

iMac Hard Drives: Why Did Apple Make Them Hard to Replace?

12:00 PM, May. 18th, 2011 · · Ted Landau’s User Friendly View

If you buy a new 2011 iMac and decide to replace its internal hard drive with a higher-capacity third-party drive, be prepared for trouble. As detailed by Other World Computing (makers of third-party drive upgrades), what had already been difficult to do is now near impossible.

Exactly why did Apple make this design change? What was Apple’s goal in creating the redesigned hardware? Who was the intended primary beneficiary of the change? Ted Landau offers the potential answers.

Giving Up on Inkjet Printers

2:47 PM, May. 12th, 2011 · · Ted Landau’s User Friendly View

Ted Landau has both a laser printer and an inkjet printer. One has been a reliable near-perfect printer for over a decade. The other is the latest in a series of upgraded printers, all of which have had significant problems and annoyances. Guess which is which.

Active 3D Televisions: Are You Kidding Me?

4:15 PM, May. 5th, 2011 · · Ted Landau’s User Friendly View

Ted Landau writes: “Almost every 3D television on the market today is useless for watching 3D! Okay, I exaggerate. What I mean is that they are so impractical that I can’t imagine ever using their 3D feature.” Why? The critical issue is the type of technology the television employs to achieve its 3D effect. Active 3D, in particular, is a loser.

iPod nano Wash and Dry

12:31 PM, Apr. 29th, 2011 · · Ted Landau’s User Friendly View

The sixth generation iPod nano is small. Very small. Small enough to easily lose track of it. Especially if you’re not careful. Ted Landau discovered this the hard way…when he inadvertently left his nano in his pants pocket and sent it on a trip to his washer and dryer. Here’s the surprising account of what happened…

Open App “Packages” on your iPhone

2:10 PM, Apr. 25th, 2011 · · Ted Landau’s User Friendly View

While Apple has taken considerable flak for the closed lid it keeps on the iPhone and other iOS devices, it has recently allowed users to pry open the lid more than ever before. In particular, you now have access to the “inside” of third-party apps installed on your iOS device. How do you accomplish this? And why would you want to do it? Read on….