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47 yrs old with a desire to live life to the fullest. Reside in Ga because quite frankly, the cost of living is so darn cheap I can afford to do things and go places that I might not be able to if my living expenses were much higher. I have a beautiful GF named Tammy who I have been with for several years. Before meeting me she had never been outside the SE US. I have fun showing her new places.

I became involved with AAPL at the beginning of 2007. The imminent iphone launch sold me on the stock going higher. I am invested in other companies, not an Apple crazy.

I started investing early in life and was able to walk away from my job 5 years ago. I receive no pension at the moment or any other assistance, so my market performance determines whether I eat. I have absolutely zero debt, this is how I manage to keep the balls in the air.

In time people should know that I am fun loving and truly wish people all the best. I live for the opportunity to help someone.