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N.R.M. Rao is Chief Executive of Tailored Management Solutions (TMS), a multidisciplinary management consultancy organization that provides multifarious professional management services and solutions to companies. He has extensive working experience in large organizations, both in India and Europe. He is an alumnus of I.I.T. Kharagpur, from where he obtained B.Tech (Hons) and M.Tech. He spent the first part of his career in the Corporate R&D laboratories of an MNC in Europe, and has international patents and publications to his name. In later years he moved to general management positions, and has held senior appointments in industry, with independent responsibility, prior to launchingTMS

TMS is a Management Consultancy organization.  It provides multifarious, professional management services and solutions to companies, including establishing new units, arranging financing, M&A, revamping operational efficiency, upgrading management processes, management and worker training, etc.

TMS identifies pioneering opportunities which, if exploited by a far-sighted promoter, give an unbeatable first-mover advantage.. Sometime ago it was in computer education. Thereafter, it was software services.TMS, today, offers projects in two such area viz., Vocational Skills Training and eTutoring. These proposals cover the entire gamut from product selection, business planning, implementation, up to commercial operation, all of which can be undertaken by it for the client.

TMS is run by a multi-disciplinary core team of industry specialists, with high qualifications and extensive industry experience (in India and abroad) in senior positions. In addition to this core team, it has alliances with individual industry experts, who can be called in as required. It can thus undertake both extensive tasks (such as establishing an entire company), or intensive tasks (such as remodeling a specific management process only).

TMS offers, among others, the following management services: (a) enhancing operational efficiencies of existing units (b) turning around sick units (c) mergers, acquisitions and disinvestments (d) financing services (e) due diligence and valuations (f) establishing new projects (g) expansion of existing units (h) corporate education and training services (i) IT-enablement of management processes.
TMS has executed diverse projects, some of which are given below:
• Employability Innovation Foundation
• BPO project for Legal Process Outsourcing
• Telemedicine Project in N-E India
• Electronic Online Lottery System
• Electronic Data Conversion Project
• Broadband CDMA Wireless System
• Power Electronics Project
• All-India Service Network for Electronics Durables
• R&D Reorganization Project
• External Expert to UPSC