Rules For Posting In The Buy, Sell, or Trade Forum


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We wanted to add some long-overdue rules for posting in the Buy, Sell, or Trade Mac Stuff & Mac Job Postings forum, so here we go:

1.) Feel free to post anything for sale that you are specifically selling. 

2.) General ads for companies are not permitted, unless it is a post for a specific item(s) that is for sale.  Abuse of this will not be tolerated.

3.) Links to specific auctions at eBay, or other sites, are permitted, but spamming the forum with lots of auctions will not be permitted.  This type of post is specifically intended for our regular members, and abuse will not be tolerated.

4.) If you can, please let us know when something you have posted has been sold, or is no longer available.  We encourage you to add “Sold,” or something similar, to the title, and a short note to your post.

5.) We, of course, reserve the right to delete or edit any post we deem necessary.

6.) If you have a question about posting something, feel free to write me at editor @ (spaces added to defeat the spambots, so remove them when writing).

Thanks to everyone who has already made this forum a good outlet for our community!


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