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    Posted: 19 June 2001 12:10 PM

    I am a big fat sentimental slob, but that’s ok.  Today we got our 500th post in a little under one week’s time, and it amazed me.  Retro posted it in the gaming forum (the one with the link to bugs@idsoftware).

    Thanks to everyone who has made TMO your home.  We appreciate it mightily.


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  • Posted: 19 June 2001 10:46 AM #1

    Only 498 more posts until 1000.  Get spamming! Kidding everyone, just kidding…

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  • Posted: 19 June 2001 12:10 PM #2

    Well I must say that I am honored to have posted the 500th post.    At this rate I am going to have 500 posts all by myself.


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