Old software give away

  • Posted: 26 September 2001 09:02 AM

    I’m doing some Fall cleaning and I need to get rid of some old software. All of it should work, all have the original packaging. You can have it if you pay for the shipping. I’ll tell you how much it costs before I send it, but I suspect it won’t cost more than a few bucks. Here’s what I have:

    Dark Colony
    Future Cop
    Myth: The Fallen Lords
    Sensory Overload
    Club Dead
    Curse of Dragor
    System Shock
    Mechwarrior 2

    I also have a bunch of MacAddict CDs. Same deal. I have almost every one up until last December.

    Also an old Mac book, Maclopedia with CD.

    First come, first serve.

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  • Posted: 10 September 2001 10:16 PM #1

    I think it’s great that you are sharing you old stuff!! For others out there with some of the older stuff (software and hardware) there is a lot of people who have a disability and can’t afford new computers and hardware.

    There are several national groups that collect and donate it. Also you can check with local groups who serve the disabled.

    One of my old Mac+s is being used by a lady who is blind. She lives off SSI, which translates to less than $600 a month to live on!

    When I worked for UCP, a company donated their old Macs to us, it was a nice collection of +‘s and laptops. While they may have not be the fastest machines around at the time, they were great for teaching clients how to use a computer.

    One person’s trash is someone elses treasure!

  • Posted: 26 September 2001 08:36 AM #2

    My school’s got a group of people who meet after school to play games like that multiplayer, but our annual budget amounts to nil,  so I’d definitely be willing to pay shipping for those games and CDs (if the deal’s still on) and then give them to the club; right now, we’re stuck with a bunch of old 6100s (most of which we had to repair and fix up ourselves) and a couple copies of Starcraft. The only difficulty is, we’re up in northern Canada (Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, to be exact). If you’ve already donated them, don’t worry about it, and major kudos for giving the games to a worthy cause.

  • Posted: 26 September 2001 09:02 AM #3

    Nope, they are still available. Send me a private message with your email address and we can take it from there.


    "If only you could have seen what I’ve seen with your eyes." Roy, Blade Runner

    Vern Seward