Bill Gates Interviewed

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    Posted: 29 June 2001 08:19 AM

    Bill gates was interviewed at ZDNet.  It’s all a bunch of crap, but it’s an interesting read.  His spin is so warped and distorted it boggles my mind.

    Bill Gates: Designing your future


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    Favorite (but less relevant than it used to be) Quote: Microsoft’s tyranny lies not in its success, but in the way it achieved and maintains that success.

  • Posted: 29 June 2001 07:46 AM #1

    Mr. Bill got one thing right in the article: “the marketplace will decide” - it seems obvious now that the Courts won’t, not in the near future anyway. Of course, with it’s Monopoly lock on the PC desktop anyone who buys a PC after WinXP’s release will have the trojan Horse to .Net pre-installed.

    The foodsource Microsoft depends on is it’s user base, and if there is an upgrade rebellion there, even the mighty Microsoft will crumble. This is a major opportunity for Apple to capture market and mindshare.

    The gun that Microsoft has put to it’s business users heads with the Redmond edict to “upgrade to XP by October or pay full price later”, has been re-positioned to go off in February 2002. What this means to Apple is they have one more MacWorld (SF 2002) to roll out compelling solutions to create an even more attractive alternative to continuing with the Windows eXPerience.

  • Posted: 29 June 2001 08:19 AM #2

    Yes—dead on. And with a combination of very good luck and very good planning, Apple has landed itself in a prime position to take advantage of MS’s strong-arming.

    Consider that OS X is already out, and should be in VERY good shape (with a lot of high-quality apps, from Office to Photoshop) by next fall when XP is released. Combine that with the new retail stores, and a hot-ticket portable hardware lineup….. That means that Apple’s biggest project for MWNY is to release must-have desktop hardware. (That is, they need to redesign the iMac and PowerMac.) What’s to prevent success?


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