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    Posted: 18 December 2004 07:37 PM #166

    I got the recipe for this from jvarner, and he said that he had often improvised on a few things. I admittedly didn’t have nearly all the ingredients, so I improvised a lot. Used different veggies [and those from a can], used ramen noodles, and I won’t mention my secret ingredient. Veggies here are mini-corn, green beans, and black olives.

    For sauce/seasoning I use some random sweet&spicy; stir fry sauce, chipotle tabasco sauce, and some garlic powder.



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    Posted: 15 June 2006 11:50 AM #167

    Just finished a nice dish of taiwanese style sauteed chicken with ginger shreds, along with some steamed rice.

    Drink: volvic

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    Posted: 01 March 2009 09:23 PM #168

    My stomach thought my throat was cut, so I went to the fridge.

    I found a shrink-wrapped smoked chicken half that I bought from Bernie the Butcher late last year. The “best-by” date was 29/2/2009 - hey, he’s a butcher: that’s what I pay him for. And it is “best by”, not “you will certainly die if you eat this in March”.

    From last night’s roast beef fillet there was some left-over (hard to believe, I know) pommes dauphinoise (or something close to that) - heap some of that on the plate.

    Need something green. Hmm - a few basil leaves, and some rocket from the salad draw.

    But it’s a little dry. Quick vinaigrette from juice of half an orange and some cider vinegar.

    Need a drink. But not alcoholic. Don’t know why - just don’t feel like it. Very cold ginger beer.

    Sit outside with the puppy in the hot, hot sun. Munch. Mmm.


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