What do you do when bored at work?

  • Posted: 03 July 2001 09:06 AM #31

    How do you make 40 old ladies cuss all the the same time?

    Yell BINGO!


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  • Posted: 03 July 2001 10:46 AM #32

    LMAO!   And does the sniper hit the target??


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  • Posted: 03 July 2001 11:04 AM #33

    Hmm….hope my boss does not read these forums.

    I play games when I get bored. Escape Velocity Override! If I’m not playing em, I’m browsing web sites about them. #1 use of my computer is gaming!

    Or I read Forum messages and post when something interests or bothers me.


    Growing old is mandatory;
    Growing up is optional.

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    Posted: 03 July 2001 11:06 AM #34


    Now it makes so much more sense!  Plus, I understand the 4-5 hours of reading too.  I can’t imagine the boredom of watching people playing Bingo.

    That was fun, Aphelion. 


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  • Posted: 03 July 2001 04:30 PM #35

    BINGO it is

    I figured you’d get it as soon as i mentioned “aerodynamically accelerated spheres” LOL, yes, it was fun Bryan.

    Congratulations to Extell, He should have tried when the clues were hard.

  • Posted: 03 July 2001 10:42 PM #36

    One time I had to go to a Bingo night with my grandmother.  My grandmother is actually fun to visit, but I hope I never have to go to a Bingo game again. 


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