Mac OS X 10.0.4 released

  • Posted: 22 June 2001 06:38 AM #31

    On 2001-06-22 08:28, Anonymous wrote:
    Any DP G4 users out there that have installed this update notice any improvement in dial-up PP connections? DP G4 500 won’t stay online more than a few minutes before a PPP error -264 occurs.

    Ooh, that is bad. Well, I’m on a G4 2X500MHz (from last August), but I’m on a LAN; my web download times may have improved a little, but it could easily be my imagination. Having only one such machine, it’s hard for me to do a serious test.

    Anyone know if there have been improvements to DP support over the four incremental upgrades?



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  • Posted: 22 June 2001 06:43 AM #32

    One thing I noticed on the whole iSub issue: while my iSub still doesn’t work, the sound from the built in speakers is noticeably less tinny once 10.0.4 was installed.  Doesn’t compare to the bass response in 9.1, but still seems to me to be quite an improvement from my 10.0.3 experience, tho could just be my perceptions

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    gentle persons,

    Now you can scroll down AND up in listviews of the finder by typing a letter on the keyboard. Somebody at apple listened and programmed =8)

    Cheers & keep on !

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    Well, I can print from OS X again—yippee!!  But now all my ssh connections are broken (I was already on 2.9)—boohoo!

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    I have a DP/g4500 and after updating i’m sad to say that i STILL get the PPP connect error!  This is unacceptable for an OS that is supposed to be so internet savvy!

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    Posted: 22 June 2001 07:58 AM #36

    I personally noticed that the boot time for 10.0.4 is a lot quicker than 10.0.3.  Anyone else notice that?

    The Finder is much more responsive: Folders with many hundreds of items actually open almost instantaneously and window resizing MUCH better.

    The Dock is MUCH faster as well, especially the pop-up windows, including pop-up windows with many items in them.

    And who doesn’t love the return of the right-click for ctrl-click in Classic with multi-button mice?  That’s right, NO ONE!  Very glad to see that, and now looking forward to scroll wheel support.

    Application switching is faster as well, and this includes going from Classic to X apps.

    I was having trouble connecting to a server from within GoLive (in Classic) through a modem until 10.0.4 as well.  I am not going to swear on that point, however, as there could have been other factors involved.

    Still looking for more things.


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  • Posted: 22 June 2001 09:34 AM #37

    One odd thing I noticed—after installing the update, I ended up restarting into OS 9.1 instead of OS X.  Just thought I’d mention it.



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    Dual 533’s, GeForce 3, 640 MB, 105 Gig, still can’t download much of anything from the ‘net without -264 errors. How ‘bout a class action suit? Does this company know how to utilize multiprocessors or is this all theory and marketing hype?

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    Posted: 22 June 2001 01:35 PM #39

    “Polly wanna class action lawsuit! Polly wanna class action lawsuit! Squaaaak!!”

    Sheesh. The knee-jerk desire for litigation never ceases to amaze me.



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  • Posted: 22 June 2001 04:26 PM #40

    With a good fast Open GL video card you will see a really tremendous boost in overall performance with OS X 10.0.4. The G3 400/1mb cache or 466/512k cache and a radeon video card will be very nicely quick! Even a Rage 128 video acrd would be fast in a 400 G4/1mb cache or better. That’s about the current state od speed improvement in OS X.. This is a further clarification of my previous post.

  • Posted: 22 June 2001 05:10 PM #41

    Despite Apple’s claim of having fixed this with update 10.0.4 the disappearing arrow in Classic bug just bit me.

    I was writing in Word 2001 when Mail popped up with an error message:

    “Fetch error. The user name and password specified in Mail preferences were not accepted by the server.”

    Why I got this message is another mystery. But I clicked “ok” on the pop up window and tried to continue typing in Word. That’s when my mouse arrow disappeared. I moused down to the dock and switched to a X app, but the arrow didn’t reappear. So I quit all my Classic apps from the doc. I still didn’t have an arrow, so I went to Prefling to launch the Classic preferences panel and restart Classic. But when the Classic Preferences panel launched I got my arrow back. I relaunched my Classic apps and everything seems fine now.

    Bummer. So much for that bug fix. I’m going to cross-post this around to make sure Apple knows.


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  • Posted: 22 June 2001 09:15 PM #42

    I tried out the unsupported OS X port of gltron, an OpenGL game.  Wow… I’ve just finished picking my jaw up off the floor. The configuration:

    [*]G4-500 Cube
    [*]nVidia graphics
    [*]1056x792, millions

    In spite of this the fps display was pretty constantly in the high 120 range, minimum of 100 fps.  I wish I had specific numbers recorded, but I seem to recall seeing 100 fps maximum previously.  It’s definitely much smoother.


    PS - the goofy resolution runs at a cool 96 Hz on my display, and yes, I run in millions mode virtually all the time (except for a few Classic games that can’t hack it).



  • Posted: 23 June 2001 11:18 AM #43

    Has anyone had any luck with a QPS 12x FW CD-RW?  In 10.0.3 it would stall on the first song when it was about to prepare the songs.  Now with 10.0.4 it will prepare the songs, but it stalls when it is about to start burning?

  • Posted: 23 June 2001 05:06 PM #44

    On 2001-06-23 14:18, Anonymous wrote:
    Has anyone had any luck with a QPS 12x FW CD-RW?

    I for one will be happy when either Apple comes out with an update that lets my scanner and CD-RW work (on a SCSI-USB adapter) in Classic, or when the adapter maker comes up with an OS X driver so that I can use a Carbonized version of Toast to write on it in Mac OS X.  It’s really a pain to restart to use this stuff.


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    Posted: 23 June 2001 07:36 PM #45

    Just got back from a trip and updated my G4 (500 MHz Sawtooth), and I am even more excited about this release.


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