Mac OS X 10.0.4 released

  • Posted: 23 June 2001 10:44 PM #46

    On 2001-06-23 14:18, Anonymous wrote:
    Has anyone had any luck with a QPS 12x FW CD-RW?  In 10.0.3 it would stall on the first song when it was about to prepare the songs.  Now with 10.0.4 it will prepare the songs, but it stalls when it is about to start burning?

    Yes. Mine worked fine with iTunes under 10.0.3 and works fine now under 10.0.4.


  • Posted: 24 June 2001 09:14 AM #47

    Has anyone installed 10.0.4 successfully on a B&W G3?

    This one freezes on restart at the end of the install.

    Installed it twice - same story…

  • Posted: 24 June 2001 03:56 PM #48

    Had no problem installing on my B&W G3/400.  Nothing fancy attached to it.  I swapped out the original hard drive for a 15GB Maxtor, have 512MB or RAM, an external FireWire hard drive, and the stock ATI Rage 128 video card.

    I give you the system specs to perhaps help you locate something that is freezing yours.

    Good luck.


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  • Posted: 25 June 2001 05:17 AM #49

    Here’s something.  My Wallstreet powerbook now appears to sleep properly.  Previously it had a tendency to hard-reboot on wake.  I left it sleeping all last night and it woke properly this morning.  Wahey!

    Now to knock up a quick app to see exactly _how much_ power it’s drawing in sleep.  Previously the bottom of the machine was still warm after sleeping for hours, this morning it appeared to be cool.

    Maybe now I’ll be able to sleep it and lug it around.

  • Posted: 26 June 2001 03:06 AM #50

    Hi there.
    I’m sorry but I’m reading this forum and “for me” it’s like reading Alice in Wonderland. The updates didn’t make OSX faster. In fact, in my experience, TiBook 256Ram, one of the latest betas before the 4k78 was faster (even in a slower computer, iBook SE 192Ram) than OSX is today.
    I haven’t notice any improvement in speed in any of the updates so far.
    Yesterday I installed OSX and updated to 10.0.4 in a dual system with 512 megs of ram..
    Well, it IS slow and still feels so sluggish.
    OS9 in the same computer feels like the Roadrunner with a overdose of ‘speed’.

    I know that there is more people like me reading this and other forums scratching their heads thinking… so then… if all those guys are getting faster and faster, what’s wrong with my OSX?


  • Posted: 26 June 2001 07:45 AM #51

    My guess about Apple’s X progression, is this:
    Every 10.0x update is nothing but a bug hunt of the original build. That’s all. Work on getting the core software as bug-free as possible before trying to add features and speed. Some people may be seeing speed increases due to elimination of bugs that were slowing things down a bit.
    This is, of course, pure speculation based on available facts. The only added feature that comes to mind is CD burning, and that was only a feature added to an application. (iTunes)
    In my happy little hallucination of how Apple works on the inside, there is a different team of programmers working on speed and features for 10.1 while the original team adds bug fixes to their code base. (and to ours) In this vision, nobody outside of Apple will see the work being done by Team II until Macworld.
    It would SEEM to be a logical way to progress.


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  • Posted: 27 June 2001 06:26 AM #52

    I have a G4/500 DP model, and from my experience, dial-up PPP reliability is much better than in earlier versions.  Now, instead of only being able to keep a connection up for two to ten minutes, it now can hold a connection from a half hour to over two hours.  That is a step in the right direction, though PPP in OS X is still not nearly as reliable as it is under OS 9.1.  Also, I no longer get PPP error 264 messages when the PPP quits.  Now, when the PPP connection craps out, it just stops working.  No error messages, and no indication of a disconnect either.  It just quits working.  That is pretty annoying.  Hopefully this will be fixed soon.


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  • Posted: 28 June 2001 01:27 AM #53

    There’s a bug that seems to have disappeared: The position of folders on the desktop used to be forgotten on every restart and folders would appear where they were first created.

    That isn’t the case anymore, and so much the better!

    Thanks AAPL!



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