new Mac

  • Posted: 22 January 2004 12:21 PM

    I want a new Mac! I have g4Tower 400mhz, eMac1ghtz and only sensible move seems to be G5. When oh when will a peri $1000 product be available.Apple is such a sweet computer but their current pruducts often are whats being promoted and of course thats what everyone wants but few can afford until the price drops (coming christmas )  but then there again will be the novel highly desired pruduct. Apple could well promote and enhance their most and very competitive lower end product to a starving mostly computer ignorant consumer market. For instance the eMac is perhaps the best pound for pound bang for the buck computer and to ultra enhance it with practical needed options could well be a huge selling point if marketed like some of the sorry competition that go to where people live verses some of the very intelectual descerning ads that apple does like once per year. -that as I have said before . Lets face it -what am I going to do with a G5 ( is like desiring a Ferrari when cant buy gas for my Mazda,  but actually a mac addict like myself simply HAs to HAVE it so i—check daily for the affordable release

  • Posted: 22 January 2004 12:48 PM #1

    A G5 under $1000 won’t happen any time soon.  But, a G5 update will probably come soon, and when that happens the others will drop while supplies last.  I’ve seen low end refurbs for $1400.  You might be able to get a low end, close out refurb for $1200-1300 when they do update them.



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