jagged text in fcp4

  • Posted: 05 April 2004 06:40 PM

    hi all, for some reason when i am using text with fcp4 the text is all nice and smooth and clean until i render it!  and then after its rendered, it goes all jagged an lo-res and crap basically.  any ideas why this is?  Im always rendering at full qulaity.  and my video is ntscdv anamorphic. 

    any help greatly appreciated

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    Posted: 05 April 2004 10:27 PM #1

    I know iMovie had this problem, and that it spread across all the DV/movie editing software that Apple made for awhile.

    Try this: Export what you have and play it in Quicktime. Most of the time when that happens it looks bad after a render, but after an export it looks good in the final product.

    I found that out due to trial and error.

    If that doesn’t work, let me (us) know.


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  • Posted: 08 April 2004 01:51 AM #2

    Which titling utility are you using? FCP’s built-in titling or LiveType?


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