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  • Posted: 16 April 2004 01:23 PM

    I like watching the main page’s news items and even reading the comments.  However, its laborious going through the comments if there are quite a few of them.  Plus, their is no hierarchy to it, so if anyone replies to another’s post its hard to identify.

    I would rather see at the bottom of the news item a link to Discuss the news item that will take the reader to the forums where they can post comments and replies.

    I would suggest a forum just for the homepage news items and each item will have its own thread.

    If you look at MacCentral you will see this is the approach they took to their news comments.


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  • Posted: 16 April 2004 08:59 PM #1

    I don’t know where on here it was written, but if you read what was written about the coming new design, you will see that this change is in the works.

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    Posted: 18 April 2004 10:34 PM #2

    As CO noted, all these changes, and a few more, are coming.  Another couple of weeks should see them.  grin


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