FA: Adaptec 2840U2W with free 9 gig HD

  • Posted: 08 October 2001 10:17 AM

    I’m auctioning an Adaptec Ultra2 SCSI card and giving away a 9 gig 10,000 rpm drive with it.


    I moved and when I reassembled my system, the drive wouldn’t mount.  I don’t know squat about hardware, so bought myself a firewire drive instead.

    The card works:
    *  Bursts data at up to 80 MBytes on SCSI
    *  Supports cable lengths up to 12 meters
    *  Includes External 68-pin HD Ultra2 SCI connector plus
    *  internal connectors for Ultra 2 SCSI, Wide Ultra SCSI and
    *  Ultra SCSI

    *  “as-is” 9 Gig APS HD plus two HD mini-68 cables