Sasser Worm Writer Caught/Brad Smith works for M$

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    Posted: 10 May 2004 11:17 AM

    Brad, how could you!!! raspberry

    Microsoft senior vice president Brad Smith said a breakthrough came on Wednesday last week when a group of fewer than five Germans approached the company with information about the alleged virus writer.

    Link to full article.


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    Posted: 10 May 2004 11:54 AM #1

    OMG.  :bugeyed:

    Brad!  You didn’t move to Canada, you moved to Redmond!  :o


    Still evil, after all these years.!

  • Posted: 10 May 2004 05:29 PM #2


    I remember the good old days, when Brad still had a soul.


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  • Posted: 10 May 2004 05:46 PM #3

    Mwahahahahahahah.  Mwuahahahahahahahah.  Hah!


    Brad Smith
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