Blueberry ibook for sale

  • Posted: 15 October 2001 02:16 AM

    My eyesight is getting bad.  Notebook displays are too small.  Going to get myself a G4.  20 Gb hardisk, 300Mhz, 192 Mb Ram.  Keyboard connection a bit loose because I added in the ram.  Could use some soldering.  If interested
    email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  Aim is angieCutesyPie.

    —— Angie Lin——

  • Posted: 15 October 2001 02:16 AM #1

    Oh yes, I have tons of software for the iBook.  I can throw in Mac OS X if so desired.  This iBook also comes with Appleworks 6 and their cheesy games.