MACWORLD New York 2001 Predictions

  • Posted: 25 June 2001 10:49 AM #16

    On 2001-06-25 12:54, clutterbox wrote:
    How about this…

    New G4 Tower with a new Titanium-like enclosure

    VERY interesting! I claimed in a post long ago that the redesign of the PowerBook and iBook in super-sleek, non-candied garb heralded an end of Apple’s fruit-computer period.

    As long as the easy-upgrage and idiot-proof tower enclosure remains, I’ll be hoping to see a cosmetic redesign of the PowerMac and a rethinking of the iMac. Assuming the iMac gets reborn (likely with a flat-panel), we can probably expect that the iMac will also “go titanium”—at least in look if not in material (a la the iBook).



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  • Posted: 25 June 2001 12:20 PM #17

    ? OS 10.1 (faster, isub support/dvd playback)
    ? new iMac
    ? apple has figured out a way to have all currently supported software for OS 9.1 to run natively in OS 10.1 (I can dream can’t I?)

    I would love to see a BIG surprise entrance from adobe with a huge apology for being retarded


  • Posted: 25 June 2001 01:26 PM #18

    No one noticed the price drops of $100 to $300 on Macs. Particularly iMacs and PowerMacs, by having a monitorless version, but include the 15” LCD cheap enough that it’d be hard to pass it up ($200-$300). Make the LCDs for iMacs proprietary, but give the iMacs a VGA port for a CRT display. They put money in Samsung for a reason, let’s see them work it.


  • Posted: 25 June 2001 02:57 PM #19

    - New line of LCD iMacs. Models still start at $899, but feature a new 1152x870 14” LCD display. Choice of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or Combo DVD/CD-RW models. Enclosure is ice-white - controversially, color-choices are no more. G3 processors up to 633 MHz.

    - New G4 towers. All models are dual-processor: 2x633 Mhz, 2x766 Mhz and taking pre-orders for new 2x800+ Mhz model to be available in limited quantities at a later date. Quieter fan(s) and hard drives. Enclosure styling change, as expected, is reminiscent of TiBook. I.e. new scheme is ice-white for the consumer-line, titanium for the pro-line.

    - Update to TiBook features faster firewire in tune with the iBook, and 533 and 633 MHz G4s, otherwise nothing new. Free VST portable CD-RW drive offer applies to the updated TiBook too.

    - OS X 10.1 released. Performance and bug fixes, DVD-Video playback, Disc Burner for OS X and some new interface enhancements and features. 10.1 is now the default OS on all new Macs.

    - Jobs announces support for MP3Pro in the to-be-released-later iTunes 2.0

  • Posted: 25 June 2001 03:46 PM #20

    Parts, Parts, Parts, all kinds of Parts.  The quietly disappearing G4 667 surfaces in a PowerBook.  The iMac case is sold to aquarium dealers, the cube case goes to humidor dealers.  The G4 466 comes out of the PowerMac and returns in an iMac/Cube replacement with 15” flat panel which will no longer be available on the PowerMac.  17” flat panel price reduced to $899.
    PowerMac will come standard with a CDRW and DVD, Super Drive still an option.  Dual G4 733’s added to the mix.  Teachers given free iBooks when the school uses PowerSchool.  AirPort gets kicked up a notch. for a cigarette and a drink.  Was it good for you?

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    Posted: 25 June 2001 04:21 PM #21

    Ha!  Yes, it was good for me too…



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  • Posted: 25 June 2001 04:27 PM #22

    I think we’ll see the new Imac and updated G4’s, but we’ll have to wait ‘til September befor we see the Ti-book updated.

    Has anyone heard rumors about the prospects of Quad-processors for the G4’s?

  • Posted: 25 June 2001 04:45 PM #23

    Oh, in addition to all the new products and announcements, I think it bears mention that the keynote will feature a review of the months since the last Macworld.

    After all, Apple released a new iBook, launched MacOS X, and opened its first retail stores. I’m sure Mr. Jobs will wax on for some time about all the wonderful repercussions of those announcements.

    But I also think Apple wouldn’t have released those products before MWNY if it wasn’t going to have some big news when the show rolled around. I hope I’m proved right!


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  • Posted: 25 June 2001 04:50 PM #24

    New (monitorless) iMacs that’ll look somewhat like the cube. Maybe not so square… perhaps dome-like, ya know the beattle). They’ll sell at current price points AND that price will include the bottom end Flat Screen monitor. This solves the need for having to have propriatary anything so that people don’t just by the CPU and get a different monitor… the low end monitor will come as part of the $899 (or whatever) purchase price. If you want a bigger monitor, just add $399, $599 or whatever. This gets Apple out of the CRT business and it can truly boast that it is finally digital, even with its displays.
    (well this is the way I think Apple should do it).

    G4—time for a new enclosure, but it needs to coinside with a decent change to the chip or speed or something. I don’t see either, but instead just a speed bump. When the really get to 1GHZ, then expect a skin change.

    PB—no speed bumps until MW-Paris

    iBook—it’d be cool if we say a high end 600MHz, but this won’t happen unless PB’s speeds go up.

    iPhone - someone earlier suggested iPhoto (an image editing package), but I see the need to enter the instant messenger race, since this is the most ‘hip’ realtime way to communicate. It’ll also have to do the phone over the internet thing. I have no idea… and am just spewing the remaining marbles at the end of the day

  • Posted: 25 June 2001 07:02 PM #25

    Sure would be nice if they built-in airport.

    It’d be fun to see PC makers scrambling after Apple again.

    I don’t think it’s gonna happen this year though.

    Ahh-wish in one hand…

    Oh yeah.

    I will go out on a second limb and predict
    an Apple brand multi-button mouse with a scroll feature.(i.e. a tiny trackpad strip instead of an actual wheel.)

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    I know that your comment about an Apple branded IM client wasn’t quite deadpan, but I don’t think that there is ANY chance of Apple producing an IM client.  Why would they need to?  Unless they were going to charge for the service, it would be a complete waste of resources.  In order for it to get enough marketshare to be used, it would have to be released on Windows.  Boom, there goes the need for Apple’s proprietary hardware (the exact reason that Mac OS X won’t be released on Intel systems).

    So, if the product won’t add to Apple’s marketshare, why produce it?

  • Posted: 25 June 2001 07:24 PM #27

    OK, I’ll take a shot:

    —new, slimmer enclosure similar to current (gotta keep the drop-down door!) but, *somehow*, minus the cooling fan!! (that’s the only reason I can think of for changing the G4’s enclosure, which I feel is perfect otherwise!)

    New configs:
    —733 Mhz / 128 MB DDR / GForce2 / 30 GB HD / 800 Mbps FW / CD-RW / $1599
    —Dual 733 Mhz / otherwise same as above / $1999
    —833 Mhz / 256 MB DDR / GForce2 / 40 GB HD / 800 Mbps FW / DVD/CD-RW combo / $2499
    —933 Mhz / 256 MB DDR / GForce2 / 60 GB HD / 800 Mbps FW / SuperDrive (w/iDVD) / $2999
    —1 GHz (!) / 256 MB DDR / GForce3 / 60 GB HD / 800 Mbps FW / SuperDrive (w/iDVD) / $3499

    —SuperDrive+iDVD upgrade optional for $500 for the lower-end systems
    —Combo drive upgrade optional for $200 extra for 733 systems

    Titanium PowerBook G4
    —minor upgrades/fixes: updating of FireWire to 800 Mbps, faster graphics chip (GForce2Go? Radeon Mobile?), price drops to $2399 (400 Mhz system) and $3299 (500 Mhz system).  External CDRW promotion continues with “new” systems (no slot-loading como ‘til fall?)

    —Jobs crows, deservedly so, about it being the biggest smash-hit homerun since the original iMac.  Sales numbers are staggering.
    —Very minor updates—128 MB RAM on all models; choice of colors, but nothing too bizarre…however, for an extra $99 you can get it custom-colored (they have to get some payback for all that embedded-dye stuff which went into the Blue Dalmation/Flower Power iMacs).  Educational/bulk sales get a discount on this service for school colors, etc.

    LCD Displays
    —Astonishing everyone, Jobs announces *another* price slash and a new size:
    —15” LCD display drops to $499
    —17” LCD drops to $899
    —19” LCD (new addition!) for $1499
    —22” cinema display drops *again* to $2399

    —Absolutely no mention is made whatsoever, but it is silently (get it? silently!) dropped from the matrix.  RIP for a bold and wonderful product which was poisoned by terrible pricing ($1800!), lousy marketing (Jimi Hendrix for a silent machine?) and plain bad luck (“Cracks”, dot-com meltdown, etc.).

    iMac 2
    —The Big Announcement…
    —Yes, an LCD—however, I think reality will dictate that they keep a CRT version as the “low end” iMac, at least for educational sales.  Therefore, I predict:

    —600 Mhz G3 “classic” iMac (13.8” CRT), Indigo or Graphite only, w/128 MB; PC133; Rage 128 (still); 20 GB; 800 Mbps FW; DVD: $899 (but only $749 for Educational pricing)
    —700 Mhz G3 NEW iMac (15” LCD); streamlined “iBook-ish” look (ice?); 128 MB PC 133; GForce2; 30 GB; 800 Mbps FW; DVD/CD-RW combo; $1299
    —700 Mhz G3 NEW iMac (15” LCD); ice; 256 MB PC133; GForce2; 40 GB; 800 Mbps FW; DVD/CDRW combo; $1599

    OS X 10.1 w/support for DVD, CD-data burning, a whole mess of additional printers, scanners, & 3rd party CDRWs, etc. as well as other odds & ends.  Major speed improvement (please!!)

    Assorted other stuff.

    “One more thing…” could be anything.


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    Posted: 25 June 2001 07:42 PM #28

    Ineresting, BlueDjinn.  Sounds pretty tight to me.

    BTW, I intend to grade all the predictions here after the show! 


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  • Posted: 25 June 2001 07:50 PM #29

    Bryan—thanks, most of it sounds like a fair bet to me.

    BTW, I don’t remember whether you posted this at MacObserver before or not, but you might want to check out my iBook Shootout chart from a month or so ago:

    It was linked to on several Mac sites, and I’ve actually received several e-mails from school IT folk / teachers thanking me for the comparison info! (Great ammo to use vs. the admin folks)

    Sorry, I know that’s off topic; I’ll behave from now on


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  • Posted: 25 June 2001 09:59 PM #30

    On 2001-06-25 22:42, Bryan wrote:
    BTW, I intend to grade all the predictions here after the show! 

    Oh really, Bryan?

    Well, Mr. Smartypants, you can’t possibly be planning to knock it before you’ve tried it. I’m going to mix my metaphors and tell you to put your money where your mouth is.

    What do YOU think will be at MWNY? Heheheh…how the tables have turned… (not really…)


    —Ricky Spero
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