MACWORLD New York 2001 Predictions

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    Posted: 25 June 2001 10:30 PM #31

    *LOTS* of good stuff here - some of it must come true!
    Onthe flip side, too G**d*** many Anonymous posters!!!


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  • Posted: 26 June 2001 07:11 AM #32

    I think there will be a new iMac for sure. No more flower power and blue dalmatian, so get em before they are gone. NOT!

    As far as the tibook, I think there will be some upgrades. Maybe a slightly faster processor, but not much. Maybe a color or two. But no CD-RW internal until at least after the promotion is up in September. DVD is still awesome and the external burner is light and small enough to travel with. No problem with that.


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  • Posted: 26 June 2001 12:41 PM #33

    sorry ‘bout that.  um…...

    -PowerMac G4’s @ at least 1Ghz, we need to catch up with the P4 1.7+ GHz’s It’s a bit of a morale thingie even though we know we can beat them.

    -I’m hoping no new LCD imac.  I could handle a new colors/design/speed bump, but no LCD.  I think they’ll still be too expensive for the consumer.  Maybe in January, but not now.  ( Besides, I just bought a summer 2000 500Mhz version)

    -OS 10.1

    -TiBook CD-RW/DVD options and maybe a speed bump

    -*NEW*  iTablet consisting of an LCD w/small guts behind it, portable kind of like the bigger version of the thing on Demolition Man.  Runs stripped version of X.

    -MAYBE a Apple branded MP3 player/PDA kind of like iTablet



  • Posted: 26 June 2001 12:45 PM #34

    Well, Trekker:

    I don’t think you’ll see a 1ghz anytime soon.

    the LCD could be held off for a while. That I agree with.

    the iTablet isn’t going to happen yet. if at all

    And as for the apple branded MP3 player, why do they need it? they have iTunes and now if you buy an iMac you can get a free Rio. They don’t need to make MP3 players.

    I think OS 10.1 is not until at least January 1. Too many changes they want to make for it to be ready now. We’re just on 10.04. 10.05? Sure. But not 10.1 I think 10.1 will be very different from 10.0x.


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  • Posted: 26 June 2001 01:15 PM #35

    Regardless of what the X update at MWNY actually includes, they’ll call it 10.1. They’ll take too much flak if they haven’t made their first major update by then. It’s not fair, but it’s true. After all, we Observers are a ruthless bunch.


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  • Posted: 26 June 2001 01:24 PM #36

    Today we are proud to announce a newly revamped partnership with IBM in the form of AppleMicro, our new microprocessor division which has just started production of our new gigahertz G4 plus processor which will be available in our new G4 towers starting in September.

    I wish I could take full credit for the idea but if you want to see where it really came from, check out As The Apple Turns currently at


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  • Posted: 26 June 2001 01:26 PM #37

    Excellent point, Ricky. I hadn’t thought about the pressure to release a 10.1, although I had heard that was to be something special. something that isn’t so new and therefore they’d stick with the 10.0x until such time where they could get all the bugs out. But your point makes more sense than mine.


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  • Posted: 28 June 2001 01:04 PM #38

    Does anybody have any news as far as scarceness of any models of the G4 tower?

    I can’t wait for this expo!

  • Posted: 28 June 2001 01:52 PM #39

    They are difinatally doing something with the G4 Tower line….they are no longer available except through Configure to Order on Apple’s web site. The Cube is also an item no longer avaiable except through Configure to Order.


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  • Posted: 29 June 2001 12:34 PM #40

    Apple will release the icar in 2 colors raspberry jam and crack white. The icar will be IR mouse driven and feature the new itrunk. Itrunk allows you to put luggage on apples servers. The computer to watch out for is the new apple G6.
    Apple will skip the G5, just to tick off all the people wine too much, and label the G6 as a 45 GHz machine. Off course it will only be 10% faster than a G4 733 MHz ( kinda like a P4 to a P3 intel).

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    Posted: 29 June 2001 01:16 PM #41

    LOL!!!!  Nice, Prillion!


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  • Posted: 29 June 2001 01:16 PM #42

    Does anybody know of rumor sites other than the following: MacOSRumors, Think Secret, MacRumors, Macinsista and the rarely updated Appleinsider?

    I’m dying to hear more info about Apple’s plans. New encloseures for the G4 line sound intriging, especially if it led to more room for additional PCI card (how about 5 fast slots, plus two AGPs?) and more slots for RAM. I also want to see a quad processor, but get the feeling we won’t.

  • Posted: 30 June 2001 08:28 AM #43

    On 2001-06-25 08:10, slayman wrote:
    I looking forward to…
    MAC OS X 10.1(the completed OS),
    iPHOTO software,
    G4 iMac w/ flat panel display,
    Power Mac G5 Tower @ 1 GHz,
    lots of third party software and support for OS X

      The name iPicture, instead of iPhoto, have been registered for Appple. I read it in a apple rumor site (
      I truly believe that this software will come out. Maybe thats why Adobe is out this time? Since they have just released a new graph editor (the photoshop simplified, what the h… is its name?).
      Anyway, I waiting for the NEW iMAC.. that?s all I need! I haven?t heard anyone saying about a G4 iMac. Do you think is that possible? Or it will be just screen and clock speed updarte?





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  • Posted: 30 June 2001 01:22 PM #44

    I don’t remember which rumor site I heard it on, but I believe the rumor went that the high end Imac would be a G4,  with lower end Imacs carrying G3’s. I would hope that apple would do it that way, as they are eliminating the Cube.