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  • Posted: 25 June 2001 11:30 AM

    Whoever came up with the idea of offering Powerschool with Macs deserves a huge raise. Apple’s strategy in the education market seems to be improving dramatically.
    1) Cheap laptops (ala iBook)
    2) An educational Solution (Powerschool) with advantages for administrators (you know, the people who make purchasing decisions.)
    3) OSX. Stability and exposure to UNIX
    4) Sales reps who actually visit

    And Dell crows when they sell a few more boxes than Apple?
    Gee, what an accomplishment. *yawn

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  • Posted: 25 June 2001 10:44 AM #1

    I agree. And I also agree with many (including our Editor, Bryan Chaffin) who have expressed wild disbelief at Dell’s strategy for retaining their supremacy in the education market: saying, simply, that Apple won’t win.

    Mr. Dell hasn’t said that Macs are inferior. He hasn’t said that Dell offers a competitive advantage—he hasn’t even boasted cheaper systems. He hasn’t trumpeted a better sales force, better sales consultants…. All he’s said is that Apple will loose because once a school system migrates from the Mac, it won’t ever go back.

    That sounds like some shaky reasoning to me. Not nearly as shaky as I would be if I were in charge of Dell’s Education Sales Force.


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    Posted: 25 June 2001 11:30 AM #2

    Well said!


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