I Need An Older Desktop/Tower!

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    Posted: 27 October 2001 01:25 PM

    Hey Everyone,

    I am looking for an older tower or desktop for my grandfather.  A Performa 6500, for instance.  Perhaps a Beige G3.  A Power Center Pro is a possibility…


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  • Posted: 25 October 2001 08:53 AM #1

    hey, i ust posted a computer im selling that may be of interest for you:
    post: 266 G3 apple USB card 64ram 4gHD xtra ethernet


  • Posted: 27 October 2001 01:25 PM #2

    I have a computer for sale - asking $500 details below:
    Mac G3

    Mac Clone Motorola Starmax 4000 with many upgrades and software

    G3 Sonnet Crescendo – 240 mhz
    USB card  
    Ethernet card    
    Memory – 64 mb  
    SONY 15” Monitor  
    LaCie External Hard Drive 8.4 gb
    Best Data 56K Modem  
    Umax Scanner  
    Joy Stick
    Undercounter Drawer

    Tower Contents:
    2 gb internal hard drive
    CD-Rom drive
    Floppy Drive

    System 8.6
    Microsoft Office 98 – Word, Excel and Powerpoint
    Adobe Pagemaker 6.5
    Adobe Photoshop 4.0
    Internet Explorer 4.5
    Quicken 98
    Solitaire Mania