Thoughts on the Macsoft Interview

  • Posted: 25 June 2001 11:34 AM

    Hi all,

    I’m curious if you have any thoughts on our interview with Macsoft’s Al Schilling:

    (You’ll need QuickTime 4.)

    I was most interested that he said he wants to contract more titles from Take Two interactive. Those were the comments that let us to discover that Gathering of Developers is truly out of the Mac business.

    Let me know what you thought!


    —Ricky Spero
    Anchor, The Apple Weekly Report
    The Mac Observer

  • Posted: 25 June 2001 11:34 AM #1

    I thought it was another good interview.  I hope that Macsoft can make more publishing deals with Take 2.

    I also was encouraged to hear that they hope to bring more simultaneous releases but I wish he had said something stronger on that.  Macsoft has not been as good at that as Aspyr has and it is good to hear they are working on it.


    Windows sucks.