Cell Phones and New York

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    Posted: 19 July 2001 07:00 PM #16

    On 2001-06-25 23:41, Retro wrote:
    People don’t realize what a hazard they are being, and that everyone else has to be on the extra alert.  They never signal or look over their shoulders and are very inconsiderate.  I applaud NY!

    I’m not a heavy cell + driving user, but will on occasion and don’t see a change in my driving habits during those times. But then, I do head checks, signal my turns, pass on the left and (gasp) actually stop at red lights too.

    I think it’s insane that we issue drivers licenses at 16, then just rubber-stamp them until the driver dies. What I’d like to see is a basic test that would be taken at renewal (say, one of those computerized, touch-screen, multiple choice deals) with a behind the wheel test every 7-10 years. (We canned emmisions testing in Minnesota—maybe we could put that money into this )




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  • Posted: 20 July 2001 05:19 PM #17

    In Europe, we’re already pretty far in banning driving while holding your mobile in your hand. Some countries already have laws on it, others have them in the making. A hands free set for your mobile doesn’t cost much and it keeps your attention better to the road than to that little gadget everyone has these days. I myself think it’s a good idea. Although I ride my bike while using my mobile . One thing tho, US mobiles often don’t work in Europe due to a difference in frequency (just letting you know), that is for all of you who want to visit the Apple Expo in Paris.


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