Mac Software Watch and Critique

  • Posted: 15 July 2001 07:50 AM

    How about something like an independent (user-based) and comprehensive Mac software product watch?

    An example: I would advise anyone from relying on FAXSTF products bundled with my iMac (OS 9.1). Even though their tech support seems very prompt and helpful, no remedies ever result in any untility. Nothing but conflicts, crashes and limited utility.



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  • Posted: 29 June 2001 01:08 PM #1

    What does FAXSTF do - I’m not familliar with it - I’d guess Fax software, but I’ve never really used Fax, insted, used e-mail. Can FAXSTF send and recieve faxes over an e-mail protocal, or the internet in general?

    Do you suggest a better program, since FAXSTF is so weak?

  • Posted: 29 June 2001 03:04 PM #2

    It has the same utility as a separate fax machine, without the expense, of course. You can send and/or configure it to receive faxes.
    I’ve used Global Village Fax (bundled with older system software) on an LC 575 (system 7.5.5)  prior to the acquisition of my present iMacDV (slot-loading) running OS 9.1. Global Village worked like a charme, reliably, and was extremely simple to use. Why Apple went with FAXSTF with the newer machines beats me.

    And, yes, it is very useful to be able to send faxes to businesses, mostly, who do not provide or have an alternate eMail address.
    For receiving faxes I now use, a web-based client.


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  • Posted: 30 June 2001 01:17 PM #3

    Thanks Zeuszen! I’ll give it a try!

  • Posted: 15 July 2001 07:50 AM #4

    I have never been able to get FaxSTF to work reliably either, glad to see I am not the only one.