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    Posted: 01 January 2005 11:56 AM

    As a sort of New Year gift to everyone, TMO has added a new feature to the forums… RSS Feeds.  You can remain updated on the latest discussion through your favorite RSS Reader , Livejournal Account, or My Yahoo Feeds .

    You can either select to receive the latest posts from the entire board:

    Or you can subscribe to your favorite forums individually by clicking the “subscribe to [forum name]” link on the forum’s page.  The individual forums rss feed is formated in this way:[forum_id].rss
    So the Announcements & Suggestions RSS Feed would be:

  • Posted: 01 January 2005 03:28 PM #1

    What are everyone’s fav. rss readers?  I haven’t ever really used rss yet, so I’m curious.  Of course, I’m sure it will be at its sweetest when it’s hooked up with Safari in 10.4 or whatever.

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    Posted: 01 January 2005 07:10 PM #2

    I like OmniWeb - it’s built into the Dock icon and works very well.


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