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    Posted: 04 January 2005 12:10 PM


    Sorry to TMO members to whom I dashed off a quick email bearing the title, “phpBB critical error on TMO.” The email went on to say that a critical phpBB error brought down TMO article comments and all forums, which I witnessed at about 3:30 PM EST todat. In any case, by the time the emails were sent, all of TMO was back up and running as normal.

    My bad for assuming the worst; however, with new variants of the Sanity worm targeting all PHP-based websites , I figured better safe than sorry.


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    Posted: 04 January 2005 06:51 PM #1

    There was an overload in the server, but it quickly resolved.  I too saw the error, but thank you for taking the time to let the TMO Staff know.

    Problems you notice with the phpBB engine can be sent to myself at (my_first_name)@macobserver.com